Design that talks, with a designer that listens.

 You can trust me to get to know you, and listen to your ideas. 

You have more influence on the design than I do.

You’ve thought a lot about how you want your space to look and feel. I bring my extensive knowledge of what is necessary with building code and other technical requirements to personalize the design to your lifestyle and taste.

Bunch of grapes on the bar in the kitchen

Get relief and peace of mind from my expertise.

The remodeling process can actually be fun! Imagine how you’ll savor it so much more, when you leave the complex arrangements to me. I’ll help mediate between you and your partner, as well as your contractor and others involved in the remodel.  You can get back to enjoying your family, friends, and home again.

It’s about you loving where you live!

Room in the attic

I have no personal agenda for your design because I’m not here to put something on my portfolio. I aim to get the space as close as possible to what you want. Ultimately, you’ll have the biggest  influence on the design. I simply give you the expertise needed to implement it.


The primary services I offer include:

Kitchen Remodel

Designing for your entertainment, habits and to make you comfortable in the kitchen:

Bath Remodel

Providing design that allows you and your family to wash and refresh in a rejuvenating space, including:

Interior & Remodel Design

Helping you create a home that fits your personal taste and lifestyle, including:

Aging in Place & Universal Design

Integrating design that adapts to challenges that may arise as you age such as mobility, wheelchair access, and more. This includes:

Remodeling Consultation

Collaborating and communicating your priorities to all involved with the remodeling project, including:

Commercial Design

Design for your business facilities and events, including:

With each remodel project, you’ll be provided full construction floor plans, elevations, and 3-D renderings.

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