Why Hire An Interior Designer?

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Is Hiring an Interior Designer right for you?

  • Do you really have the luxury of time to decorate on your own?
  • Have you, in the past, bought nice pieces of furniture and had a mind-boggling task of putting them together?
  • When you go to a tile showroom, fabric or paint shop, is it very hard to pick from the hundreds of choices? And if you did make your choice, were you frustrated in seeing the final results?
  • Have you fancied a very nice interior design in a magazine and yet, you couldn’t find just how you can apply it to your own space?
  • Does everyone in the entire household agree with the design scheme that you choose?
  • Will there be some major renovation like moving walls, merging rooms and adding lighting fixtures?
  • Does your space need custom furniture and cabinetry?
  • Is everything in the furniture stores starting to look the same to you? Do you want your home to be “unique” in that particular style you’ve always wanted, which doesn’t cost you that much?
  • If you have a new home and want it decorated, do you want a confirmation from a pro that your plans would turn out right

Why Hire an Interior Designer?  To solve any of the above problems!

Interior Design Is a Collaborative Process

The client is always in control of a decorating project. Without full participation and approval from their clients, interior designers do not move ahead on any home design projects. Designers want a client to be completely thrilled with the end result of a project, not unhappily surprised. Selections are always approved by a client before any purchases are made by the designer.

Personality – When speaking with a designer get a sense of his or her personality. Clients will be spending time and money with this person. It is important to get along. It is important to feel comfortable with the person you work with. They should be a good designer and a match with your personality. You should always feel the designer listens and understands what you want. The experience should be fun for you both.